What kills corona virus covid-19 ??

The United States Environmental Protection Agency “The EPA” already published an approved list of all disinfectants for use against CORONA VIRUS COVID-19 virus. 

How to protect my family against corona virus?

Unusual methods of fighting corona

Everyone is rushing to get gel hand sanitizers, alcohol, and other disinfectants. But you are smart. You know better.

The one disinfectant that no one is talking about or rushing to buy is “UV-C Light Disinfectant” It’s simple, reliable, and the most cost effective tool among all the available disinfectants out there?!


While there isn’t enough data available yet to prove how effective UV-C light is against Corona Virus COVID-19, UV-C light has been used already in many countries like Japan to kill almost every other virus including the flu, As they found it to be effective in killing bacteria and almost every virus including Corona Virus COVID-19. Therefore, it’s more then likely that UV-C light disinfectors can kill Corona virus COVID-19 effectivly.


It might take a while to start seeing the regular disinfectants on the shelves again. Therefore, the UV-C disinfectants are the best choice as of now.

UV-C disinfectant lights