Many reasons to grill in your oven:
1. It’s too cold outside and you just want to eat a nice ole stake
2. You live in an apartment and the smoke alarm won’t let you grill anything on your stove.
3. You’re just lazy like me 😀

If you are looking to grill from the convenience of your own home, this article is for you. You will need the following:
1.  Two cooling racks size 4″x8″
Buy two cooling racks size 8×4 from Amazon

2. Half size aluminum pans (Yes they are called half size), which you can find in BJ’s (pack of 30), Sam’s Club (pack of 30), Shoprite (singles), Giant (Singles and multiples), in addition to Amazon from the link below:
Buy half size aluminum pans (30 pack) from Amazon

3. An Oven 😀

Now put every two cooling racks in one half size aluminum pan

And place your stakes on the cooling rack and into the oven! This way any grease will fall under the cooling racks and all the smoke will be contained in the oven all the time. The final result should like the pictures below. PS: This was a delicious meal by the way. Bon Appétit!