If you are interested in an overall good home security camera for a reasonable price, you must have come across Wyze Cam. One day I was looking to get another Wyze for my home and searched for it on Amazon, and found an identical camera for a different price called iSmartAlarm Spot Camera. Spot is running for $99 on the official website and $70 on Amazon (after discount). Also, a 3rd camera with the same looks and features called Xiaomi is for sale for about $27. So, I started to wonder who’s copying who?

Here is what I figured out so far and don’t quote me on this; They are all buying from an OEM retailer (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and they brand it and they program their own software. The software can’t differ a lot when it’s the same hardware by the end of the day. However, there is one additional cool feature Xiaomi claims to have which is Two cameras can be combined by magnets to automatically composite180° super wide-angle picture!

But, also keep in mind that the camera has very few reviews online and most of them are talking about bad software that doesn’t even work in the US!

On the other hand, Spot camera is more expensive ($99 compared to $25 for Wyze Cam) and it offers almost the same features as Wyze plus one additional feature which is to work in sync with other iSmartAlarm devices. So, basically you pay the extra $75 for the sync feature. In my opinion, if you need a standalone security camera for the best features and frequent updates, stick to Wyze. Wyze isn’t just giving the same features for less price, it’s actually giving more free cloud storage to save your short videos (10-15 second clips upon any motion detection). Wyze gives 14 days of free rolling cloud storage while Spot gives 30 video clips. So, if your camera detects 30 motions on one single day, Spot will give you one-day notification saved on the cloud while Wyze will give you 14 days worth of notifications!

To make your life easier I made a small comparison for you:

Price incl. shipping Reviews on Amazon Cloud Storage Unique Features Buying Link
Wyze Cam $26
From Amazon

3.9 stars out of 5

929 reviews

Clip Duration: 10-15 seconds

How many clips: 14 days

 14 days of free cloud storage to save your motion detection 10-15 second clips  WYZE CAM
iSamartalarm Spot Cam $70
From Amazon

3.3 stars out of 5

193 reviews

 Clip Duration: 10 seconds

How many clips: 30 clips

 Can sync with other product from iSmartAlarm  Spot Cam
Xiaomi Cam $42
From 3rd party sellers on Amazon Marketplace

2 stars out of 5

3 reviews 

I was not able to find the exact number of days.  Two cameras can work together to give 180 degree footage.  Xiaomi Cam