Finally, a reliable solution to send SMS messages in the USA. Today’s product showcase I am going to talk about TextMan a WordPress plugin that enables your website to send unlimited text messages “SMS’s” to any cell phone in the USA without paying for message credits. This is huge! This actually means you can send messages to your customers forever for ZERO DOLLARS!

The user interface of the plugin is super simple, which counts towards the pros, in my opinion, however, it’s a little too simple. The developers of the plugin offered a clear roadmap which shows many improvements in the future. At the plugin current state, I can say it’s usable but more features like user lists and schedules will be most appreciated.

The thing that made me grab my credit card and pay for the plugin almost immediately is the fact that there is a lifetime deal running at the moment. So, I basically got this software for a onetime fee! This is a steal in my opinion. According to the lifetime page, after the promotion, the software will require a monthly subscription to use. You can get the same deal I received, from the link below

And, you can watch a video tutorial of how this WordPress plugin works and how to send unlimited SMS messages from this WordPress plugin: