I’ve been trying to setup wireless lighting solution for a while now, and I recently found LIFX on sale in Walmart for $29, and I purchased one 800 LED to test it out.

Later I managed to pair it to my iPhone, and the packaging and ease of use seemed too good to be true and I even started using some 3rd party plugins to add some conditions and custom scenarios for when my light should turn on and off .. etc

The first day:
After a full day of use I had no complains whatsoever and the process was as smooth as it could be!

Second day:
The second day the experience was awful starting with not being able to connect to the light bulb ending with trying to restart the light bulb multiple times from the light switch and this has worked by the way for quite some time to the point that even a simple restart will not fix the connection problem.

After one month of Trials and errors and after reading many reviews on this product LIFX light bulb and after finding out that there are many other users have already experienced the same problem I am experiencing, I’m quite positive that there is a big problem with the quality control of this product and I cannot recommend this product to anyone.