Choosing your webhosting provider can be tricky as the whole process is just trial and error you may end up with a bad host and your web site will be down for long periods of times every month! Or even worse! get hacked every now and then.

In this article we will compare between some of the most famous web hosting solutions, to make sure you don’t go wrong with your next web site! You can read some highlights about each provider or just scroll down to see the side by side comparison.

  1. HostGator (Editor’s Choice)
    HostGator is one of the most famous webhosting companies on earth. What make it so popular is their super fast customer service. Real phone and tickets support, tier 1 professional engineers.They simply managed to maintain one of the highest uptime levels the web hosting market ever seen. My personal experience with them started when I got a reseller from them to host my web site and my friend’s website and since then (4 years) I’ve been a loyal HostGator customer.You can get one month trial from HostGator for one penny only (yes it’s one penny, not a typo). To get this awesome deal you have to use the promotion code TGWAPENNY when you place the order with them.Conclusion: If you are unsure whether you will continue or not, get your web hosting from HostGator as you won’t lose more than $0.01 YOU CAN’T BEAT THAT! With tons of add-ons and super fast tech support we had no choice but to announce it our Editor’s Choice.
  2. BlueHost
    BlueHost is a well known web hosting provider known for it’s neat control panel and many free 1-Click Installers to install your content management system easily.
    It also has one of the most constant pricing systems and easy to understand policy, plus a very affordable backup system if you need it.
    Also the order page is super easy, and simply takes 3 minutes to finish your order!
  3. InMotion
    InMotion is using SSD drives for the safest, fastest and most reliable data handling. Other hosting providers may use older disk drives such as SATA to save some money, however, with SSD technology used by InMotion, theoretically speaking your web site data has less chances of getting lost than ever. If you don’t want any surprises InMotion is the one for you.
  4. Crucial Hosting
    Crucial Hosting is more for the professional user (or heavy web sites). With it’s dedicated memory “RAM” for each site, you have the guarantee of blazing fast browsing all the time even when too many visitors are using your web site at the same time. Other hosting providers may share resources which can lead to slow browsing in very rare occasions, but Crucial will dedicate your memory to your web site all time, and that comes with a price of slightly more expensive plans than any other provider on this list.
  5. WebHostingPad
    WebHostingPad offers only two shared hosting plans which make it super easy to decide which plan you want! And knowing that you are reading this article, I am telling you that you need only the most basic plan which is “The Power Plan”. Power Plan offers unlimited everything! It’s that simple. This is as simple as it gets!
  6. SiteGround
    SiteGround managed to become one of the most famous web hosting providers due to their amazing caching solutions! With SuperCacher your web site will simply fly!


HostGator BlueHost InMotion Crucial Hosting WebHostingPad SiteGround
Price  $0.01
with promo:
 $3.95/mo  $5.99/mo  $10/mo  $3.99/mo*
Billed annually
Free Script Insaller  Yes  Yes  Yes  ?  Yes  YES
 Disk Space Unmetered 50 GB Unlimited 10 GB Unmetered 10 GB
 Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered  Unmetered  Unmetered  Unmetered Unmetered
Backup Optional
*FREE  Optional
 Order page ease of use  9/10
One Page
One Page
4 Steps
One page
Many Steps
3 Steps
Unique feature Safe way to try their hosting for $0.01 Affordable monthly price – FREE Backup
– FREE restoration once every 4 months
Dedicated RAM for your site 256 MB Many promotions all year long FREE last day backup
 Order now?  Order>  Order>  Order>  Order>  Order>  Order>


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