I was hype to get my hands on one of those Wyze Cams since everyone online was talking about it and how it’s a steal due to the affordable price (right now it’s running for $25.99 on the link below)

Buy WYZE CAM Security Camera from Amazon

And due to all the functions this camera comes packed with including free 14 days cloud storage for the video footage (15 seconds each video) and recording locally on a MicroSD card!

You can review the camera functions on the following short video:


The official website for the camera says that the camera accepts up to 32 GB MicroSD cards. However more than one purchaser confirmed that it’s possible to use 64 GB cards with this camera if you format the card as exFat.

First of all let me explain that 32GB card will let you record about 3 days of video (the camera will delete the oldest video to write new videos to the card) which means you can only save locally 3 days on the memory card.

That being said, I didn’t really care about what the official website says! I just wanted the 64 GB card to be used to get 6 days videos on my card. So I formatted my Sandisk Ultra Class10 64 GB MicroSD card using exFat format as everyone recommended, and to my disappointment the camera did not recognize the card.

I formatted the card using Windows explorer, just like I format any memory card. As 64 GB cards would be formatted on Windows Operating system to NTFS or exFat. I tried both to no avail!

I then used special software to force the 64 GB card to be formatted as Fat32 and still the camera wouldn’t recognize it!

After few hours of trials. I found it! You need to format the card to exFat format USING SANDISK SOFTWARE!! You can download if from the link below:

Sandisk SD Memory Card Formatter

You can see below how my Wyze Cam software recognized the card and can save 60 GB of video (no card will give exactly 64GB as you may know)

Use 64GB card with Wyze Cam

You can buy the same camera from Amazon for the best price using the link below:Buy WYZE CAM Security Camera from Amazon

To buy the same memory card I have from Amazon, check the link below:
Sandisk Ultra 64GB Micro SDXC UHS-I

The cable that comes with the camera is on the short side (6 ft) about 1.8 m. Therefore, I would also recommend a longer cable (25 ft). Which you can buy from the link below

25 FT Power cable for Wyze Cam security camera

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